Middy Adrenaline Baits Nano Pellet Boost


  • Soak your pellets a teaspoon of this unique attractant
  • They will give off an irresistible colour cloud
  • Proven to work in secret trials
  • It’s like gold dust in a 30ml tub
  • Available in bright fluorescent colours

Product Description

This pellet booster from Adrenaline is so potent and effective, you only need to use a teaspoon of it each time in order to create an irresistible colour cloud in the water.  Available in bright, fluorescent colours, this additive is like gold dust – and will bring you gold standard rewards on any venue.

This pellet booster comes in fluorescent red, yellow, green, or white, with the white option being an effective choice when you want to add a bit of zing to your hookbait.

Proven to succeed in Adrenaline’s secret trials, these pellet boosts are designed to help you take your angling to the next level, whatever you’re fishing for, and wherever you’re fishing for it.

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