Chub SAT-A-LITE Headtorch 170


  • Red and white colour options
  • Powered by Cree R LEDs
  • Splash-proof
  • Up to 180hrs burn time on lowest setting
  • 3 x brightness settings up to 175 lumens
  • Uses 3 x AAA batteries
  • Beam distance: 95m
  • Weight: 130g

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Product Description

The SAT-A-LITE Headtorch 170 is part of a very popular headtorch range from Chub Fishing, each with different specs to suit your need. This 170 model has a secure head mount which consists of soft and stretchy straps that are brought together with an easy-to-adjust elastic toggle system, making it very unlikely to slip off at the wrong moment. The LEDs that have been used are made by leading manufacturer Cree Inc. and pump out a 175 lumen beam of light that can carry up to 95m on full setting. This can be turned down through two more settings for working closer to the water’s edge. The LED output can be changed from white to red for even more stealth because red is the first colour to ‘wash out’ for fish in fading light but the human eye can still register it.

Speaking of water, the torch unit is splash-proof so it will be able to take the occasional accident in its stride. It’s lightweight at just 130g and the efficiency of the LEDs is shown by the fact it takes three AAA batteries but can give up to 180hrs of light on the lowest setting. Of course, you can choose to use rechargeable batteries to avoid generating unnecessary waste.

A rubberised and textured surface on the switch helps you locate it quickly when running around in a bite alarm-induced tizz and this familiar situation underlines the importance of headtorches to carp and coarse angling. The Chub SAT-A-LITE Headtorch 170 will provide security in use and a whole lot of light to cast on your fishing, so it’s worth a closer look.

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