Chub SAT-A-LITE Headtorch 200


  • Red and white colour options
  • Powered by Cree XPG LEDs
  • Splash-proof
  • Up to 180hrs burn time on lowest setting
  • 3 x brightness settings up to 185 lumens
  • Uses 3 x AAA batteries
  • Beam distance: 95m
  • Weight: 130g
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Product Description

The Chub SAT-A-LITE Headtorch 200 has a strong but flexible elasticated headband which can be slipped over the head and worn comfortably around your neck as you snooze or get on with other things under the bivvy light and, at 130g, it’s no heavy load. It produces 185 lumens of bright white light that can reach out up to 95m at full power and will burn continuously on the lowest setting for 180hrs. You can also switch it to produce red light for ultimate stealth on the bankside. Even if it gets a bit frisky when reeling in a fish, this torch is splash-proof and will take that in its stride. It also comes with a textured and rubberised on/off switch to make turning it on under pressure that much easier.

The inclusion of Cree Inc. XPG LEDs means that it’s very energy efficient – all that staying power comes from three wee AAA batteries and you can use rechargeables to help reduce waste. The Chub SAT-A-LITE Headtorch 200 is great for producing a generous but directional and adjustable beam of light for close work when rigging or for checking out the state of your swim in dark conditions. Don’t leave the bivvy without one.

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