Chub SAT-A-LITE Headtorch 250


  • Powerful and lightweight compact design
  • Red and white colour options
  • Powered by Cree XPG LEDs
  • Splash-proof
  • Up to 150hrs burn time on lowest setting
  • 3 x brightness settings up to 165 lumens
  • Uses 3 x AAA batteries
  • Beam distance: 73m
  • Weight: 140g
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Product Description

The humble headtorch has a long and interesting history. Miners at the beginning of the 20th Century modified the then-ubiquitous acetylene gas lamp to be worn on the head, freeing up their hands for work. They were also used on cars and bicycles, and even in lighthouses. They treated calcium carbide with water to produce the acetylene gas which is then burned to produce a light-giving flame and a considerable amount of excess heat, all in a heavy metal casing strapped to their vulnerable bonces. What a palaver! Even with the sometimes-dizzying pace of technology these days, it’s often good to pause and be thankful for some modern advances.

Advances such as lightweight and safe LED headtorches by the likes of Chub Fishing, a well-regarded name in the field of carp angling. Its SAT-A-LITE range of headtorches present a range of power and comfort options and this 250 model could be considered the Rolls Royce choice. It has a very wide and comfortable elasticated headband which sits as well on your head as it does around your neck when you’re not relying on it. It also has good looks with a smartly-bevelled casing and a bronze-effect insert into which the LEDs are set.

These LEDs are manufactured by Cree Inc, a leading light in the low-energy electronic lighting revolution that is sweeping the planet right now. Their output is stepped by three brightness settings, the highest of which will kick out up to 165 lumens with a beam distance of 73m. On the lowest setting, they will keep going on a full set of batteries for up to 150hrs. At the touch of an easily located button, you can switch from bright white light to a stealthier red light that won’t disturb fish at the water’s edge.

The Chub SAT-A-LITE Headtorch 250 weighs only 140g and uses three AAA batteries which you can choose to be rechargeable if dealing with a boatload of spent batteries isn’t your thing. It can also shrug off the occasional splash of water so, all taken together, this headtorch is great for carp, coarse, or any angling discipline which finds you chasing fish in less than optimum light conditions.

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