Drennan Ultralight Mini 9ft/10ft Feeder Rod


  • Suitable for bombs and small feeders up to 30g
  • Ideal for silverfish
  • Also suitable for F1s and small carp in winter
  • Full cork handle
  • Fuji DPS reel seat
  • Twin top sections
  • Spliced 3/4oz and 1oz quiver tips
  • Two push-in intermediate sections
  • Length can be swapped without rethreading
  • 9ft (2.74m) for up to 25m
  • 10ft (3.05m) for up to 30m
  • Best with reel lines of 2lb to 5lb (1.1kg to 2.3kg)
  • Hooklengths from 1lb to 4lb (0.08mm to 0.16mm)
  • Folds conveniently into two for transportation

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Product Description

The Drennan Ultralight Mini Feeder Rod is the smaller option for the best-selling Ultralight Bomb and Feeder 10ft/11ft model and maintains all of its original fantastic features that made it so popular in the first place. Now you can use the superiority of Drennan’s innovative design in an entirely new way to change up the way you fish.

This brilliantly designed mini feeder rod is one of the most versatile rods available on the market to date. It is suitable for short range bombs and small feeders up to 30g, ideal for silverfish and works perfectly for roach, perch and skimmers throughout the year. The ways you can make the most of this rod don’t stop there, it is also extremely well suited for targeting F1s and small carp in winter. With this Ultralight Mini Feeder Rod, you can experience its exceptional performance across the disciplines because there is a wide range of fish that it works well with. What’s more, the light through action absorbs every lunge and allows you to fish with light hooklengths right down to 1lb (0.08mm) with confidence.

The sheer number of brilliant features this rod possesses will astound you. It comes with a full cork handle and Fuji DPS screw lock reel seat which will hold the two push-in intermediate sections supplied securely. Drennan designed this rod with anglers in mind and it certainly shows as it can be conveniently switched from its 9ft length to 10ft, or vice versa, without having to break the rod down and rethread it. This will save you tonnes of time down on the bank, so your angling session is as successful as it can possibly be.

This rod is supplied with twin top sections each with a permanently spliced 3/4oz and 1oz test curve carbon quiver tips which offer optimum sensitivity and bite detection. Thanks to this rod, you will be able to detect even the most sly of fish and add them to your catch. It works best with reel lines of 2lb to 5lb (1.1kg to 2.3kg).

Getting your rod and the rest of your gear down to the bank in your luggage can often be a feat, and Drennan is well aware of this problem that anglers face too often. To combat this, they designed this rod to fold in two, making it easy and convenient to store and transport.

This rod is available in two sizes: 9ft (2.74m) for up to 25m and 10ft (3.05m) for up to 30m. At its shortest length, it is a particularly useful tool for narrow canals, streams and snake-type lakes and it can also be effectively fished over the top of a pole swim on windy days.

This rod is truly perfect for any angler who likes to use a variety of methods with their rod when they fish. It absolutely excels when you require finesse and optimum bite detection at short range, making its efficiency, high quality, and value for money a great choice for any avid carp angler.

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