Fox Rage Dropshot Micro Kit Ready Rigs


  • Three rigs per kit
  • Multiple line breaking strains and hook sizes
  • Ready to tie to your main line
  • Top end components, including Dropn Jig fluorocarbon line and Armapoint hooks
  • Come in an assortment of colours to cover multiple situations
  • Foam disc mounted for easy storage
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Product Description

This kit brings you three popular, ready-tied Fox rigs, covering a variety of hook sizes and breaking strains, so that you can immerse yourself in everything predator fishing has to offer, and truly make the most of this challenging and rewarding discipline.

Mounted in foam discs for safe and easy storage, these rigs feature top end components, and are ready to tie straight on to your mainline, and get straight out fishing for pike, zander, and perch.

In an assortment of four bright, realistic colours, these dropshot rigs are bound to attract the fish you want, whether you’re fishing a rural river or urban canal.

This dropshot kit is the perfect present for a predator angler, and ready to go straight down the bank in search of your new personal best

The assortment offered in this rig selection gives you plenty of versatility in your pike and predator fishing, ensuring you can really engage with and explore the discipline.

An effective, versatile kit that offers an easy introduction to dropshotting for pike, perch, and zander.

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