Korda Accessory Box


  • Each box contains a removable divider to split the cavity into two equal spaces.
  • Each pack contains 3 x boxes and blank labels.

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Product Description

The Accessory Boxes can be used for pretty much anything and is perfectly designed to fit inside the Korda Tackle Box. Theses handy boxes feature the same hinged identification tab as Korda’s new design spools. This allows you to, not only label the boxes, but remove them from your Tackle Box with ease.

Korda Koach Rob Burgess says he uses then as a ‘recyclable box’ storing all his old rigs and used bits, rather than throwing them away. “I also use the accessories box to store my flying back leads, as they play a huge part in my angling and can be stored conveniently inside the box” explains the Koach.

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