Middy Adrenaline Baits Method Crystals


  • Simply add a few crystals into your feeder mould
  • Gives off a highly visual fish-attracting coloured fog
  • Proven to work in secret trials
  • Increases fish activity
  • Available in green, yellow, black and red fog colours
  • Use in conjunction with adrenaline plasma
  • Supplied in a 125ml Tub
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Product Description

An ideal addition to your method feeders, Adrenaline’s Method Crystal additive is an effective way to create intense visual attraction, swirling a coloured fog through the water, and drawing fish into your swim, and over to your hookbait, ensuring that, while the mists of additive enhancement might well be swirling, winning catches will be far more than misty memories.

Secretly trialled until it was perfect, Method Crystal is available in green, yellow, and black, and pairs well with Adrenaline Plasma, for a complete attraction package that is guaranteed to appeal to a wide range of species, and all the best carp.

Method feeding is a devastating tactic on its own; paired with this Adrenaline rush, it becomes absolutely lethal.

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