Middy Adrenaline Baits Plasma


  • Add adrenaline plasma to Method setups
  • Add to individual pellets, corn, meat etc.
  • Creates an irresistible trail of smell and colour
  • The additive is thick and super-concentrated
  • Provides an incredibly potent aroma
  • Draws fish to your swim and hookbait
  • Use in conjunction with Adrenaline method crystals
  • Proven to work in secret trials
  • Could be the edge you’re looking for
  • Supplied in a 50ml bottles
  • Available in 6 flavours
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Product Description

Secretly trialled for proven performance, Adrenaline Plasma Additive pairs well with Method Crystal to give you a real Adrenaline rush as you watch the action in your swim take off, with fish drawn in by a swirling cloud of irresistible appeal, and individually pepped up hookbaits.


Plasma can be added to pellets, corn, meat, and almost any other bait choice, giving you a thick, super concentrated bait glug, with a potent aroma that fish can’t help but be drawn in by.


Available in six unique flavours that are tried and tested for carp and coarse fishing performance, Adrenaline Plasma comes in the options of pellet green, pellet natural, meat, corn, black worm, and red worm, offering tailored enhancement for any hookbait, and primed to provide you plenty of opportunity to land the fish you want.

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