Nash Tungsten Lead Clips


Nash Tungsten Lead Clip:

  • CAD designed to optimise anti-tangle performance
  • As well as quick change and removal of leads
  • Finished with a ribbed spigot
  • Designed to tune tail rubber grip for variable discharge
  • Use with Size 8 Uni or Uni Ring Swivels

Nash Tungsten Weed Lead Clip:

  • The ultimate safety clip design
  • Guaranteed ejection of weights
  • Avoid snagging, loss or damage on weedy waters
  • Use with Size 8 Uni or Uni Ring Swivels

Nash Tungsten Heavy Duty Lead Clip:

  • An extra tough anti-tangle Nash Lead Clip
  • Designed to retain heavy weights when casting PVA bags
  • Great when used in fast flowing water
  • Works equally well in other extreme conditions
  • Featuring reinforced moulding
  • Safety locking pin and a larger bore
  • Added for snag leaders and knots
  • Use with the dedicated hi-grip HD Tail Rubbers

Product Description

Nash Tungsten Lead Clips work in the same way as a traditional lead clip but are interwoven with tungsten and as a result pin your rig to the lakebed without the use of putty or added clip on weights.

The Lead Clips are designed via CAD in order to optimize anti-tangle performance, the finish is tidy and free of irregularities which can cause tangles.

The spigot on the Lead Clip is ribbed to ensure any tail rubber or anti-tangle sleeve is securely fastened to the Tungsten Lead Clip.

The Nash Lead Clips are designed to be used in conjunction with size 8 Uni or Uni Ring Swivels and aside from the aforementioned features the Nash Lead Clip functions as a traditional lead clip would, allowing you to quickly and effortlessly change your lead. So whether your using a lead which is too heavy and you’re burying your rig in the silt or the one you’re using is too light and you’re not getting the distance you desire on your casts, the lead clip will aid you and allow you to be more flexible to conditions out there on the lakebed.

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