Sonik S3 10ft 3lb 30mm – 1 Only!


  • Ultra-powerful low resin carbon fibre blanks
  • Incorporating 1K carbon weave on butt section
  • Available in full cork or slim shrink wrap handles
  • Available in 30mm, 40mm and 50mm versions
  • Line-friendly side mounted custom Sonik line clip
  • Lightweight double leg black 50mm SIC guides
  • Custom black Sonik DPS 18mm reel seat
  • Black, laser etched butt cap
  • Silver tippings

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Product Description

Designed with the all-round angler in mind, there are a whopping 18 different rod options in the new S3 range. This includes marker and spod options, as well as rods between 9ft and 13ft with a variety of test curves. All of the rods in the range have been designed to excel on the UK’s finest mid-to-long range carp fishing waters. The slightly shorter rods in the spectrum are better suited to the slightly smaller waters, as well as close quarter carp fishing, and have been designed with compact 30mm butt rings. This also makes them the ideal option for the travelling angler who requires their rods to be able to comfortably fit in any rod holdall or quiver. There are cork handle as well as shrink wrap options available in all of the 12ft rod options, as well as a mixture of 40mm and 50mm butt offerings. This really allows you to mix and match your rod setup to suit your needs – for example if you’re a distance casting carp angler who likes to target the very largest fish then you’ll want to invest in a rod that offers a 50mm butt ring with a higher test curve. The 13ft rod option is available with a slim shrink wrap handle, a 50mm butt ring, and a 3.5lb test curve. This makes it not only ideal for the UK’s biggest carp fishing venues but it also allows you to pair this rod with a big pit reel in order to target the largest European venues too.


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