TF Gear Hardcore Universal Barrow Mat

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  • Measures 107cm length x 58cm width x 25cm depth
  • The ultimate fishcare and transportation system
  • Huge capacity – perfect for the biggest fish
  • Super soft padded mat base – total protection guaranteed
  • Heavy-duty construction – built to last
  • Packs away to compact size when not in use
  • Designed by Dave Lane

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Product Description

An exclusive from Dave Lane. Dave has successfully made an unhooking mat that is not only big enough for the largest carp, but can also be used as the solution to transporting your tackle to the bank.

Made to fit perfectly on all barrows, this unique mat forms a base in which to transport and organise your tackle making each trip you make to the bank so easy.

Incorporating a removable liner to keep everything clean and dry when used in transit mode on your barrow, this liner is then simply removed when the mat is used as the ultimate unhooking station. An over sized lid is also included, this also has a dual purpose, first and most importantly to offer full protection to your precious capture and secondly to secure your tackle in place when barrowing over uneven banksides.

  • Measures 107cm length x 58cm width x 25cm depth