Trakker Tempest Composite MB



  • patented design
  • Ultra-strong, easy to use and ultra quick to assemble
  • Incredibly lightweight with small packdown size
  • Two 36″ Quick Stick storm poles for extra stability in adverse weather
  • Dual-zipped doors, allowing you to create a letterbox opening
  • Tie-backs for door and side panels
  • Roll-up mozzie window in door
  • Machined aluminium block
  • Dual rod straps
  • Supplied with tension strap, carrybag and T-pegs
  • Compatible with 203200 Clear window (available seperately)


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Product Description

Made to a patented design, the Trakker Tempest Composite MB Bivvy gives you ultimate strength, in a lightweight, compact design that packs down easily, to a small profile that’s convenient to load onto a barrow, or put in the boot of your car, meaning you can enjoy the benefits of extreme weather defence on any bankside, without taking up too much space.

Fitted with 36 Quick Stick storm poles, this bivvy will stand strong against anything, from lashing rain to howling winds, giving you the peace of mind that comes from extra stability, and complete reliability.  Fitted with dual-zipped doors that can be tied back to give a panoramic view of the lake, the Tempest also allows you to fish from a letterbox style opening, the perfect option when the weather turns nasty, bringing the fish out just when you least want to set foot beyond your bivvy.

The door also features a roll up mozzie window, which features subtle mesh that keeps those bankside bugs at bay, but can be rolled up if you need to bring the temperature down in the summer months.  A machined aluminium centre block creates a centre of strength, with the Tempest’s durability radiating out from this single point.

Supplied with tension straps that draw the bivvy taut, the Tempest Composte also comes with a convenient carry bag, which allows you to keep your bivvy clean and dry, no matter what kind of conditions you’re barrowing through.

Made from durable polyester, and giving you 130 x 230 x 27cm of comfortable, convenient bankside space, yet folding down to just 130cm x 25cm for transport, the Trakker Tempest is a stylish, practical, and durable choice for the carp angler who’s out year round, allowing you to stay warm, sheltered, and cosy, no matter what the weather gets up to during your session.

The perfect choice for extended stays and carp campaigns, the Trakker Tempest Composite MB Bivvy allows you to keep your bankside set up neat and tidy, stay warm and dry, and enjoy all the comforts and convenience of home, wherever your fishing takes you.

  • Material: polyester
  • Weight: Approx 6kg (plus pegs, groundsheet and storm poles weighing 3.6kg)
  • Dimensions: Approx 130H x 230D x  270W cm
  • Transport size: 130 x 25cm