Korda Carp Care Kit


  • Must have item for any angler
  • Very effective
  • Essential to treat, sore, cuts & other visible damage
  • Provides the fish with best possible chance of recovery
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Product Description

No angler should call themselves an angler if they knowingly return a fish with visible mouth or body damage without doing something to help that fish. We all put hooks in fish and we all see fish on the bank that have been damaged through previous captures or by nature.

The ‘Carp Care Kit’ is a must have item for any angler and was designed by Thinking Anglers. As a result Korda have taken it on in their range to ensure that it is distributed into every anglers tackle box. It comes complete with two bottles (MOUTH & BODY). The ‘Mouth’ bottle covers any cuts or damage in that area with the ‘Body’ bottle proving essential to treat, sore, cuts and other visible damage.

This product really does work and should be promoted as an essential item in any anglers tackle box. With just a smear of treatment on any visible injury, you’re giving that fish the best possible chance of recovery.

An antiseptic which can be used to clean open wounds and ulcers, preventing them from becoming infected with bacteria or fungus.

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