Drennan Revolution Tangle Free Fishing Caty Catapult


Key Features

  • Super-slick rota­tion bearings
  • Tangle-free design
  • Designed for max­imum accuracy
  • Super strong and dur­able pouches
  • Lightweight pouches Ergonomic handles
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Product Description

Aqua Revolution Caty – The lightest cata­pult in the range with Ultra Soft elastic. This is ideal with small particle baits and short-range work up to around 13–14 metres. Ideal with squatts, pinkies, hemp, casters and small pellets.

Red Revolution Caty – Again, ideal for shorter ranges but with Light elastic for pole fishing and short-range wag­gler work up to around 16 metres. Ideal with baits such as mag­gots, casters, hemp and pel­lets up to 6mm.

Green Revolution Caty – A larger frame size with Strong latex. Perfect for pellet wag­gler and standard float work with mag­gots and casters, right up to 8mm and 10mm pel­lets. This is also a great model for firing small pigeon-egg size balls of groundbait.

Orange Revolution Caty – Large frame with orange X-Strong latex. The more powerful elastic makes it ideal for 8mm and 10mm pel­lets at range or in windy con­di­tions. It is also a great cata­pult for pouching mag­gots and casters as far as pos­sible. Like the green Revolution Caty, it is also useful for firing out small balls of groundbait.

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