Dynamite Baits Fluro Pop Up Pellets


  • Designed to add visual attraction to matching pellets &other bottom baits
  • Highly visible
  • High flavour leakage to attract catfish and specimen carp
  • Super buoyant use to pop-up multiple bottom baits and dead fish baits
  • Use 1 pop-up to every 3 bottom baits
  • Firm 3 day breakdown period

Product Description

Created using a combination of boilie and pellet manufacturing processes, this is a super durable, tough hookbait with a slow breakdown to avoid the attention of nuisance fish when fishing for specimen carp and catfish. The texture of the bait is soft enough to pass a baiting needle through so there is no need to drill. These baits are super buoyant, so much so a single pop up can hold up at least two of its equivalent hook pellets. Ideal to make your hook bait stand out, balance your hookbait or as a single visual hookbait.

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