Dynamite Big Fish Floaters/ Hookbait


  • Krill
  • Sweet Tiger
  • Fishmeal

Product Description

Big Fish Floating Feed Pellets

Floating flavoured expander pellets designed to get carp feeding off the top when carp fishing on the surface.

  • 1.2kg bags available in three flavours – Krill, Sweet Tiger and Fishmeal (original)
  • Perfect feed and hookbait pellets for floater fishing when targeting specimen carp
  • 11mm size expander pellet
  • Yellow Sweet Tiger, rusty red Krill or normal brown pellet Fishmeal
  • Heavy enough to ping out with the catapult but still float
Big Fish Hookbait Floating Durable 12mm

If you are using the River Feed pellets, then these are a super addition. These durable hookers are soft enough to hook direct but tough enough to hair rig and cast long distance. They are designed to be a hookbait that stands out and leak lots of lovely flavour on the surface. Available in three flavours to match the floating pellets: Krill, Sweet Tiger and Fishmeal.

12mm size approx.

  • A 12mm floating, long distance, durable hookbait
  • High leakage – designed to induce takes
  • Three colours so you can spot your hookbait bait at range
  • Easy to hook or hair…

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