Fox Edges Camo Submerge Kwik Change Heli Rigs

£6.49 – £7.49

  • 3 x 75cm lengths
  • Pre-spliced Submerge Camo lead-free leader
  • All three leaders have Edges Trans Khaki rig components
  • Set up in place creating the ideal helicopter setup
  • Supplied with: 3 x Heli Buffer Sleeves
  • 3 x Tapered Bore Beads
  • 3 x 0.5mm Leader Silicone
  • 3 x Size 7 Heli Swivel
  • 3 x Micro Speed Links
  • 3 x Micro Anti Tangle Sleeves
  • Available in 2 sizes

Product Description

A pre-spliced lead free leader that makes it easy to create an effective Helicopter set up, the Fox Edges Kwik Change Heli comes supplied with three 75cm lengths, three heli buffer beads, three tapered bore beads, three size seven rig swivels, three anti tangle sleeves, and three micro speed links.

Enhanced and accessorised with Fox Trans Khaki rig components, this helicopter rig kit is an ideal option when you need an easy, effective edge on pressured venues.  Helicopter rigs offer a natural-looking presentation, and are great for catching the attention of cruising fish as they swim past.

Offering a submerged profile, and crafted for an unobtrusive profile, the Fox Edges rig range is a must for any angler, while trans khaki components help camouflage your submerged rig, making catch success more likely across a range of venues.

The Kwik Change Heli set up is available at weights of 30lb or 40lb, allowing you to tailor your rig to your angling ambitions.