Fox Impact Spod


  • Scoop design allows for rapid single handed loading.
  • Efficient filling shape for a ‘complete fill’.
  • Aerodynamically tuned for optimum casting performance for accurate baiting at extreme long range.
  • Spring mechanism is encapsulated to prevent bait from being able to interfere with it.
  • Intrinsically buoyant – in the event of a crack-off it will float and drift into the margins.
  • Robust, damage preventing design.
  • Top quality, anti-rust stainless steel components.
  • Sold under license from Spomb® Fishing Limited.
  • Available in two sizes: Medium and Large.


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Product Description

Fox International Group Limited are pleased to announce that they have secured an exclusive worldwide licence agreement with Spomb® Fishing Limited. Furthermore, Fox are now ready to unveil their new ‘Impact Spods’ – a product that has been developed under the terms of the aforementioned license agreement with Spomb Fishing Ltd.

Whilst both the Impact Spod and Spomb® are designed for bait application, they are very different tools, with each offering unique features and benefits to the end user. The Impact Spod has been designed to enable the angler to use it as a scoop, therefore allowing a rapid single handed operation when filling.

They have a unique bait release system on impact with the water surface, and incredible distances can be reached due to aerodynamic design. Another benefit of the design is that the Impact Spod does not discharge its entire load as quickly as the Spomb®, allowing the angler to create a greater spread of bait if they wish. In addition, Fox have designed the Impact Spods to be more buoyant than the Spomb®.