Gardener Ambush Rig


  • 15lb skinned camo hooklink.
  • Sizes 4, 6, 8 and 10, Barbed or Barbless

*Tip – for best results, always balanc e the size of your hookbait to the size of hook you are using. For instance, with bottom baits use a 14mm/16mm hookbait with size 6 or 8 hooks.
If you go up to a 18mm bait it is worth matching that to a bigger hook – something like a 4 or 6 would be better in this scenario. Larger hooks can be used with smaller hook baits if you add a little buoyancy to counteract the weight of the hook (i.e. snowman rigs).

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Product Description

A classic combi-rig, using the legendary, ever-reliable, Mugga hook/knotless knot combination.

The Mugga hook is perfect for use with this style rig as the in-turned eye ensures that the hook reacts quickly and takes a good firm hold. A section of the skinned hooklink is stripped by the hook to allow the rig to react unhindered the moment it has been sucked in by a browsing carp. These rigs offer excellent value for money.