Guru 15 inch Bayonet QM1 Hooks


  • Bayonets 4″ Size 10 QM1 x 8 (0.25mm).
  • Bayonets 4″ Size 12 QM1 x 8 (0.22mm).
  • Bayonets 4″ Size 14 QM1 x 8 (0.19mm).
  • Bayonets 4″ Size 16 QM1 x 8 (0.17mm).
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Product Description

These ready to use GURU hair rigs have been tied to perfection, with each hook size having a different hair length to ensure the perfect bait to hook ratio.

The QM1 15 inch Ready Tied Rigs come pre-tied on colour coded EVA spools that fit straight into the Guru Rig Box. The spool is printed with all the rigs details and provides excellent protection for your precious rigs.

Each spool carries 8 high quality pre-tied rigs, which are loaded onto the spool using a unique method, allowing for easy release. The individual colour coding allows you to pick out the correct rigs at a glance.