Korda Adjustable Zig Kit

£9.99 – £10.99

  • The Zig Kit is the ultimate adjustable setup
  • Precision blow-moulded float
  • Optimum size to allow the float to easily rise to the surface
  • Compact enough to allow long range fishing
  • Light grey colour ensures it’s unobtrusive midwater
  • Features a soft insert that houses a size 11 QC Swivel
  • Reduces the profile of the float and helps to prevent tangles
  • A clear anti-tangle sleeve is also supplied
  • Ball bearing swivel ensures the rapid rotation of the boom
  • The kit contains everything needed to set up an adjustable zig set-up
  • Just add: PVA Foam, a lead, hooklength/bait and you’re away

Product Description

With a precision blow-moulded float, this is the ultimate adjustable set up. Designed to be the optimum size to enable the float to rise easily to the surface, this kit is still compact enough for long range fishing, while its light grey colouring makes it an unobtrusive midwater option.

A soft insert houses a size 11 QC Swivel, which helps prevent tangles whilst reducing the profile of the float; a clear, anti-tangle sleeve is also supplied, ensuring your zig maintains complete freedom of movement even in fast-moving water, while a ball-bearing swivel ensures rapid boom rotation and enhanced performance, keeping the zig clear of bottom debris, and allowing a full, free run.

Bringing all the basics needed to assemble your own, effective zig kit, you just need to add PVA foam, a lead, and hookbait, and you’re ready to cast out and start fishing! Ideal for carp anglers, this zig kit allows you to pull your hookbait easily through the different water layers without any awkward motion that might unsettle the fish, giving you the best chance of attracting larger carp, or enjoying success during winter fishing sessions, when carp may be keeping further away from the surface.

As the zig kit is designed to avoid a complete sink to the bottom, any lower-level carp will need to rise up and take the bait, rather than just grazing it, giving you a much better chance of a successful strike.