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Nash Baiting Needles


  • Maggot Needle
  • Splicing Needle
  • Stringer Needle
  • Micro Latch Boilie Needle
  • Latch Boilie Needle
  • Micro Boilie Needle
  • Boilie Needle

Product Description

Maggot Needle

Another simple but great addition to the baiting tool range, a super fine needle for threading maggots without damage. Ergonomic soft touch handle and white/black finish

Splicing Needle

Micro latched low diameter splicing needle, essential for splicing your own Cling-On and Cling-On Leadcore Leaders. Ergonomic soft touch handle and purple/black finish

Stringer Needle

Extra strong, low diameter 115mm latch key needle for mounting multiple baits on PVA string or PVA sticks on to hooklinks. Ergonomic soft touch handle and red/black finish.

Micro Latch Boilie Needle

Fine diameter high strength gated boilie needle for fragile baits like soft boilies and naturals like sweetcorn. Ergonomic soft touch handle and orange/black finish.

Latch Boilie Needle

Gated high strength boilie needle for retention of hair braids whilst rebaiting. Ergonomic soft touch handle and yellow/back finish.

Micro Boilie Needle

Reduced diameter 0.9mm needle for fragile baits such as corn or mini boilies. Ergonomic soft touch handle and navy blue/black finish.

Boilie Needle

Versatile 1.1mm diameter needle for easy mounting of all boilies and pop ups including double baits. Ergonomic soft touch handle and Nash cyan blue and black finish

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