Nash Quick Change Chod Bead


  • Superior and safer solution to swivels on the line
  • Preventing line breakage from the acute angle of pull
  • Slide freely over leader loops and knots
  • Improved rig safety
  • Four beads per packet

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Product Description

With these chod beads, pre-tied and even ready baited chod rigs can be replaced instantly, giving you maximum time to attract those fish to your hook. Never again will you have to waste your precious time by manually and tiresomely changing the baits by yourself, this Quick Change Chod Beads will assist you and make everything so much easier. Not only that, but they are the superior and safer solution to swivels on the line when fishing Naked Chods so you can prevent twists in your line the safer way.  They prevent line breakage from the acute angle of pull that’s created by a hooked carp when a metal swivel runs direct on mono or fluorocarbon, protecting your line and allowing you to switch baits quickly all at the same time. In the unlikely event of a line breakage, the beads slide freely over leader loops and knots for enhanced rig safety. There have been so many precautions taken with the design of this product, it’s hard to make a wrong move.

These beads can be pulled apart to allow chod and helicopter hooklinks to be replaced in mere seconds without the hassle of tying knots or breaking end tackles down. They make attaching bait to your rod easier than it has ever been before, giving you one less thing to worry about when you’re on the bank, so you can concentrate on reeling in those carp.

Using these beads is simple enough for even a novice angler. Sliding the Chod Bead down a Cling-On leader or for naked end tackles down the mainline spreads the pressure and prevents an acute angle of pull on the main line, making it a safer alternative for leaders. To remove the top gripping large bore bead, use pressure with your finger and thumb; this removable bead must always be furthest away from the lead for the rig to work safely. Next, slide the coil off the Chod Bead and find the chod rig or hooklink swivel over the end of the metal retaining coil. To thread it on to the coil, you must rotate the swivel. For premium hooking efficiency, keep rotating the swivel until it locates in the enlarged loop of the metal coil. This will give your rig swivel complete free movement. To trap the metal retaining the coil in position, push the enlarged top rubber bead back down over the body of the Chod Bead.

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