Fox Camotex Semi Stiff Camo Coated Braid


  • Benefits from new and improved colour break camouflage
  • Designed to suit a wide variety of lake and river beds
  • Features a supple, sinking camo inner braid
  • Semi-stiff, matt camo outer coating
  • Can be steamed perfectly straight
  • Great product, not as rigid as Camotex Stiff
  • But more rigid than the Camotex Soft
  • Remove the outer coating before tying any knots
  • Available in 20lb, 25lb and 35lb
  • 20m per spool

Product Description

Camotex Semi-Stiff features a soft supple camo sinking inner braid with a semi-stiff matt camo outer coating which can be steamed perfectly straight to create advanced combi rigs. Courtesy of its soft, supple inner braid, the Semi-Stiff is a bit more forgiving with its flexibility, when left coated. With this version of coated braid, it is recommended to remove the outer coating before knotting.

The hugely popular Camotex range from the Fox Edges range consists of hook links that have been given a visual makeover thanks to the chosen colour-break camouflage pattern used for the outer coating. This camouflage is designed to suit a wide variety of lake and river beds but is ideal for carp or specialist fishing.

The Semi-stiff Camotex can be steamed perfectly straight and is available in 20m per spool as well as a range of breaking strains: 20lb, 25lb and 35lb.


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