Fox Edges Reflex Camo


  • Super-soft sinking braid that features a round profile
  • Perfect hooklink material for solid bag PVA rigs
  • Or for tying presentations where suppleness is key
  • Benefits from new and improved colour break camouflage
  • Designed to suit a wide variety of lake and river beds
  • Excellent knot strength
  • Available in 20lb, 25lb and 35lb
  • 20m per spool

Product Description

As part of the Fox Edges range, a collection of high-quality terminal tackle, The Fox Edges Reflex Camo is a soft sinking braid, the perfect hook link when suppleness is of paramount importance. If you’re planning on attacking your next session by fishing a solid PVA bag, the super-soft round profile of the Reflex Camo is ideal for presenting inside a PVA bag.

Regardless of what rig you choose to utilise in your fishing, presentation on the lakebed is incredibly important, your hook bait needs to appear as natural as possible among your free offerings. One way to achieve this is to camouflage your hook link, as the name ‘Camo’ suggests the Reflex hook link is coloured in a way that ensures concealment on a variety of substrates, the hook link contains yellow, brown, green and black colour breaks and certainly offers more in terms of disguise than thicker monofilaments.

The high-quality braid coupled with the incredible suppleness on the Reflex range results in excellent knot strength and high abrasion resistance, meaning you can have complete faith in your rig throughout a fight with your new PB carp. The Reflex Camo soft sinking braid is sold in 20m spools and is available in 20lb, 25lb and 35lb increments.

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